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In “Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2016”  Alexandra Zervou gonna teach 1 workshop.

1.I Love Bollwood



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Alexandra Zervou’s  Videos

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Alexandra Zervou  


Alexandra is half German half Greek and she is one of the best Bollywood Performers in Greece. She is known for her impressive Choreographies, her perfection in dance , her natural talent and expression on stage.                                                                                             She has been practising on Bollywood dance since 2006. Her debout as an artist was in 2012 at the biggest Oriental Dance Festival in Greece where she captured all audiences' hearts with her performance! That time is when she started attending workshops by great teachers as they recognised in her a dancer with great potential! In addition she is a multiple 1st place, award winner in national and international competitions. Since 2012 she is guest performer every year in big Oriental festivals in Greece. In 2011 she started Oriental lessons by Kayameiya Ismini. Her talent was also obvious in Oriental and Bellydance as she has already earned the amazement and best impressions from great dancers, teachers, audience. She is an excelent Oriental dance Performer and the basic member of professional Oriental & bellydance group Anwal ,as well as a member of "Malema's Banat" where she has performed and choreographed bollywood for the group succesfully in 2014-2015.