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“Rakkas Istanbul Festival” Copyright 2012 - 2016 by Serkan Tutar, All rights reserved.
Designed by Serkan Tutar

In “Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2016”  Asena  gonna teach

Asena Style Drum Solo + Audition for Closing Gala Show  


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Asena’s Videos


Asena's childhood, as well as between Turkey and Germany.Her childhood education throughout her life was intertwined with sports.

While studying at the University of Marmara, busy with school life, graduated from the School of LCC modeling and elegance.

When she was not thinking about the dance she found herself front of million people.She start to dance in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and many European countries.When she’s back to Turkey she continue her dance carier with famous Turkish singer (Ibrahim Tatlises) TV show every week.She perform in concert of  Mig Jagger, Tina Turner 's birthday and England Queen Elizabeth' to be invited to a night which will be held in the Palace, U.S. President Bill Clinton's visit to Turkey due to habitat and Asena of her shows in all the heads of state held behind closed doors Asena has taken a big step towards becoming a world star.

Also dancing with Paris Hilton in 2008, Turkish television dance world, and this was followed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Until last year, Turkey Dance Sport Federation (TDSF) site, which serves as the board of directors as Vice President Belly Dance Asena, kick box as well as a licensed sports sportsman identity.

Asena, "the Dance of the incoming soloists sister" saying hello with two single cd  "Esmer Sevda" and "Hint kumasi" Then she make music album "Çatýr Çatýr"  This is her first album and she wrote 4 songs for this album. She is still continue to dance  all  over Tuykey, TV shows, ….She is still one of the most famous Turkish Bellydancer in Turkey.

Asena’s website: www.dansozasena.com


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