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In “Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2016”  Maria Aya  gonna teach 2 workshops.


1. Iraqi Dance

2. Raqs Asaya (Saidi) Please bring your cance, stick


For hours and dates please check “Workshops Page





Maria Aya website :

Maria Aya Videos

Maria Aya


Maria Aya, Leader and choregrapher of Malema's Banat group is a worldwide renowed teacher on oriental and folkloric oriental dance.She have studied traveling to Cairo, Turkey, with famous respected teachers and she is traveling and sharing her knowledge in many countries (Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, Malta, Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus)

Her choreographies have won prices in Italy, Greece, Estonia, Russia. Professional Competition Judge.Her style as teacher and choreographer is earthy, traditional, theatrical and same time connected with the

21st Century and the West.Have produced with her group Malema's Banat, 5 shows in Athens. "Athens-Cairo" 2008, "Shobek-Lobek" 2009,

"Ya Salam" 2010, "The Lost Hamsa" 2011, "Deja Vu" 2012

Always happy to share her oriental knowledge with passioned people.


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