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In “Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2016”  Ozlem idilsu  gonna teach 1 workshop.

1. Turkish Delight Secret Aroma


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Ozlem idilsu Videos

Özlem idilsu


Ozlem idilsu is a Turkish Oriental dance artist from Istanbul. She danced in Sweden and Greece and moved back to Istanbul 6 years ago where she has been performing nightly at famous Turkish Night venues and teaching at well known dance studios. She performed nightly at Gar Musichall when she first moved back, worked and studied with the legendary names such as Nesrin Topkapi, Sema Yildiz; also Aytul Hasaltun from contemporary dance and Ayse Sun from ballet. She performed several times at Tanyeli's former TV programme 'Binbir Nese' on TVem, collaborated as a choreographer and dance instructor to TV series Agir Roman Yeni Dunya. She was the main dancer at Galata Tower until it recently shut down. She is also a member of collaborative OryDuo. 


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