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In “Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2018”  Serap Su  gonna teach 2 workshops.




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Serap Su website : http://www.serapsu.net

Serap Su’s Videos

Serap Su

CO-Organizer of  Rakkas Istanbul


Serap Su was born in Istanbul, Turkey, started to perform folkloric dance

in 1980. In 1990 she became dance instructor in various school and

public education centers. She first got acquainted with belly dancing

in 1995. She received lessons from famous dancers like Nesrin Topkapi

and Sema Yildiz. And performed in the most known places in Turkey

such as Gar Gazino, Orienthause, Istanbulin, ...

In 2003 she received the first prize in oriental dance competition.
Serap Su performed and held workshops in many festivals and

different countries. She is doing performances every night in Istanbul's

most famous place, Kervansaray restaurant.Her style reaches from

classical Egyptian and Turkish style over Turkish folk and modern style

to Roman dance style.She is one of the most wanted

CHOREOGRAPHER in Turkey.Her audience called her “The Queen of

The Turkish Bellydance”

Her Teaching style:

Belly dance egypt ian or Turkish style technique, professional

choreographies, single or double veil, stick (cane) or double stick (cane)

, tabla rhythm, tamborine, Sword, finger cymbals (zill), foot and hand

technique, stage style tecnique, Turkish gypsy (roman) dance and

roman dance foot technique, Turkish folk dance KARSILAMA,

Turkish classical bellydance or Turkish modern style bellydance,

Raqs Sharki and CIFTETELLI.


Serap’s Website : www.serapsu.net

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