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In “Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2016”  Tuba Saka gonna teach 1 workshop


1. Dancing in Ottoman Palace

For hours and dates please check “Workshops Page


Tuba Saka  Videos

Tuba Saka

I start my professional dance life in the year 2004 and I danced many tourist casinos and elegant night clubs in Istanbul with my own dance style . (SULTANAS, Orient House, GAR MUSÝCHOOL, ISTANBUL IN, BEYZADE restaurant, HILTON HOTEL, many more ….)

I have been dancing in TV shows for promoting to Turkish Bellydance. I’m also teaching Bellydance, Oriental Dance in Istanbul / Turkey when groups coming to Istanbul from abroad (Korea, Malaysia, Japan) I was invited as  a Oriental Dance teacher from several festival from abroad (Greece, Germany, Lebanon ...)

 I have interview in Lebanese MBC TV station, about Turkish oriental dance and style.I have dance front of  international, world fammous stars (roberto cavvali, joaguin cortes, carl lewis). still dancing every night in  Istanbul “arabesgue al jamel” .

In my  lessons I’m teaching  finger cymbels, stick (cane) dance, candlestick (shamadan), veils, fun veils,….  techniques, Turkish style çiftetelli, hips and belly techniques, the Turkish style, turns, and some of world dance techniques  combining  with  Turkish style dance (egypt style, flamenco, samba)

Still continue to teach and dance.



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