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Yoko of Istanbul

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YOKO is one of the Japanese leading dancers in Turkish Roman dance and
has experienced many successful workshops in Japan and Turkey.
With her unique background of starting a bellydance since she moved to
Istanbul 10 years before, YOKO has started a belly dance with lessons by
a famous Turkish Legend, Nesrin Topkapi.
Gradually, YOKO's interest has shifted to Turkish Roman dance. YOKO has
started to learn Turkish Roman dance from Tuncay Okuyar, a pioneer of
modernizing Turkish Roman dance into a stage performance. YOKO is also
influenced by Ozgen and Reyhan. Learning from those tycoons, YOKO has
successfully developed and established her unique Turkish Roman dance,
keeping authentic style but earthy, dramatic and elegant - totally Turkish!
Since YOKO's teaching style is clear, fun and innovative, her workshops are
always full and sold-out.
Let's join and have YOKO's class where you can not only learn a dance skill
but also history, culture and background of Turkish Roman dance. We
assure that you will fall in love with Turkish Roman dance after the class!