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In “Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2016”  Gul Nihal  gonna teach 2 workshops.


1. Body language with music

2. Turkish Mix Choreo


For hours and dates please check “Workshops Page










Gul Nihal website :

Gul Nihal Videos



Little Background of Belly Dancer' Gulnihal

My love for Oriental Belly Dance started from my childhood and this l

ove grew up with me. I think many things in life starts with love and

passion. This pas sion to learn lead me to other kinds of dance styles

that I found close to my heart. In time by taking influences from Turkish

Folk Dance, Flamenco and other modern  dance styles, I created a

unique style for myself, that been loved by others.

My first stage life started at the "Baltalimani Grand Casino". After my

first appearance at a stage, I started to dance regularly at the

"Orient House" and enjoyed dancing there for many years. At that time,

I started to teach Belly Dance as well. I have been working as an

Oriental Dance Instructor in many dance schools in Istanbul. These

schools are; Etnik 34, Sibel Sas Ballet School, Beden Atolyesi Dance

Studio, Attila Ilhan Culture Centre etc. I performed on many TV shows

as solo and one alongside Asena and  Tanyeli. My last appearance

was o n " Sertab Erener's" new video clip called "Rengarenk".

I also previously taught and performed at the " Turkish Delight

Belly Dance Festival Istanbul 2009". Some of my future performances:

This year I will perform at The World of Orient, Germany and booked to

teach and perform at the second Belly Dance Festival in Istanbul.


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