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Optional  Canakkale / Izmir / Marmaris / Fethiye / Bursa / Istanbul Tour



From Sunday 5th June to Sunday 12st June 2016

Just 745 euro ( 830 US$)


725 € / 850 USD

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# Day 1  Sunday,  5th June 2016

Departing from  Istanbul  with our bus (14:30) Arriving to Canakkale (around 19:00 ) Sightseeing, Troya & Dinner. After  midnight departing to izmir   


# Day 2  Monday , 6th June 2016

Arriving to Izmir. Breakfast, relaxing, refreshing.

Departing to Marmaris. Check in to Hotel in Marmaris.

Sea, Sun, Sand. Lunch & Dinner.  Free & Easy


#Day 3  Tuesday, 7th June 2016

Breakfast, Sightseeing  Marmaris

Lunch & Free and easy time in the market and ofcourse shooping time J

Go back to hotel, Dinner all together. Free time for night life J


#Day 4  Wednesday, 8th June 2016

Breakfast at Hotel

Full day tour ,  visiting Fethiye, Butterfly Valley, Boat tour. Launch on the tour,  -After the tour back to hotel. Dinner at hotel, Free & easy time


#Day 5  Thursday, 9th June 2016  

Going back to Istanbul. Breakfast at Hotel. Check out from Hotel

Visiting shortly izmir. Departing for Bursa. Visiting Bursa Ulu mosque, Koza Han,…, Launch & Dinner on the way. in the night departing for Istanbul. Arriving to Istanbul  Artefes hotel. Check in and get rest.


#Day 6 Friday, 10th June 2016

Breakfast in the hotel. Free and easy time. All the day free. Visiting Sultan Ahmet, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar,…. Have fun J


#Day 7  Saturday , 11th June 2016

Breakfast at the hotel

Sightseeing, Shooping, Free and easy time. Enjoy Istanbul. Tomorrow will go back to Belgium or which country you come from. Ofcourse you can make longer your stay if you want. But our tour gonna end tomorrow. But, but , but before finish the tour don’t forget tonight is Serkan Tutar’s Birthday party !! J  Prepare yourself for the party time J We will have a surprise.

#Day 8  Sunday ,12th June 2016

Going back to Home

Breakfast at the hotel,  Check out, Free and easy time, Going to airport for fly back to HOME


This tour is just  745 euro ( 830 US$)  Sunday 5th June / Sunday 12th June 2016


What is included?

Transfers from Airport to Airport,  Bus tour from Istanbul to Istanbul,  Hotels (Marmaris +  Istanbul) , Breakfast + lunch + dinner ( in Izmir, Marmaris, Fethiye, Canakkale, Bursa and on the way But in Istanbul Hotel only Breakfast ! in Istanbul Hotel Lunch and dinner is not included  !!! )

Visiting entrance to historical places. Like museums, …. , Professsional Guid when we need.

Not Included :

Flight Tickets,  Personal activities, Costs, Shooping, Drinks in dinners or lunchs, Extra’s (like extra foods, drinks, or staying extra more days)

Tips, Turkish Bath (Hamam) , No dinner and Lunch in Istanbul Hotel !


All prices are based on twin-sharing room (2 up to 3 pax per room).

If you want the whole room to yourself, it would be an additional of 45euro per night.

If 3 pax are sharing a room, price would be the same as 2 pax sharing.

Its gonna be so much fun.

See you all there J