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In “Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2018”  Reyhan Tuzsuz  gonna teach ...



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Reyhan Tuzsuz website :

Reyhan Tuzsuz  Videos

Reyhan Tuzsuz


Reyhan is a dancer from Gazi Osman Pasa, one of the largest  Roman neighborhoods in Turkey. She has been dancing since before she can remember and has mastered

this particular style. Since 2001 she has been opening  her door to international students interested in learning Turkish Roman.

She is one of very few willing to teach this dance; and she does so with enthusiasm, patience and a terrific sense of humor. Her students come from all over the world, from a variety of dance backgrounds and  levels of expertise. Reyhan teaches by doing.

Each of her lessons include a dynamic movement vocabulary, presented with positive energy  and laughter


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